Marileme, in search of originality

Marileme is a French interior design brand created in 2008.

Since the beginning, Marileme’s ambition is to create and design meaningful new decoration styles that tell a story.

Just like Marileme, its creations are original, innovative, and definitely looking towards the future.

Excellence, difference and exclusivity are its core values. Freedom of creation is its essence.


We have highly demanding standards when it comes to the making of our creations. We do not compromise on the quality of know-how and expertise as well as the quality of materials. With this aim in mind, we call on the best French craftspeople who have reached mastery of their craft.

Every creation is fruit of a very detailed process. In the brand’s workshop, located in France, each piece is handmade, controlled, tested and numerated with the utmost care.


We claim our difference through our ideas and our manufacturing processes:

We do not limit our creativity and we constantly seek innovation allowing our designs to stand out. Indeed, each collection has its own original universe. Every creation tells a story, kindles emotions. They invite us to think and question ourselves. This is what makes our creations more than just simple decoration objects.

We do everything we can to make and produce our creations locally, in France, with high-quality materials. Marileme is always trying to improve its processes to be environmentally responsible as much as possible.


Possessing a Marileme design piece is having an object of rare quality in your hands. You are certain of not finding it anywhere else.

In order to satisfy every possible desire, we allow our clients to customize the item of their choosing, making it truly unique.