This creation takes us back to childhood, bringing back memories of logic games, the imagination needed to solve them, and the pleasure felt at a solved problem.
The puzzle is composed of four interlocking pieces with curved forms of various sizes and different decorations. Each pieces offers an artistic presentation of light effects, executed in a creative and original format.
Every pieces has its unique effect such as a lighted outline, a LED projection on an infinity mirror, a light gradient created by the several layers of material, or a light engraving of a puzzle composition.

These puzzle pieces can be collected on their own or can be assembled together to create a luminous and colorful mosaic.

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In order to guarantee exceptional quality, we machine the pieces in solid aluminum. For a perfect finish, we lacquer them by hand.

The Puzzle with four pieces measures 33.4″ high x 38.5″ long x 4.7″ deep. (H: 85cm L: 98cm W: 12cm)

Materials: Lacquered aluminum, PMMA, LED lighting