Sustainable Development

Made In France

Designing and making our creations in France is important to us. We want to support the French artisans while many of their historic clients have abandoned them for countries where production has a very low cost. All of our objects are made in France. We only make exceptions for unique savoir-faire and high-quality materials such as Murano’s glass blowing.

Ecodesign and Recycling

Throughout our creation and manufacturing process, ecodesign is a priority for us. We think it is useless to create if it is just polluting. This is why we always try to choose environmentally friendly materials as much as possible. We use recycled aluminum. We recycle all of our machining waste and plastic.

Safety and Energy Efficiency

In order to guarantee the safety and the high quality of our creations, we rigorously choose all the electronic components, the LED lights, and the power supplies. We also make sure that they are low-powered and energy efficient.

High-quality & long‑lasting design

Marilème makes a point of honor to choose materials with the best quality. This is what makes our creations strong, sustainable and long-lasting objects.